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Hospitality Management

Today the hospitality industry represents an important sector of the global economy. It also plays a significant role in the economies of the India. India offer many opportunities for those who want to start a business in the hospitality industry and tourism. There are many beautiful and attractive places in the mountains, as well as in the towns and cities that attract not only India, but also many tourists from various foreign countries. Nowadays, we can find a great number of competing accommodation facilities or restaurants throughout our country that want to attract as many customers as possible. However, all their operations tend to become very similar to each other. The crucial difference becomes service – usually in the form of personal service. Understanding the importance of service is therefore vitally important. Good service leads to the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty which should be the first priority for the operators of any accommodation facility or restaurant. Only those who understand the consequence of customer satisfaction can be successful and profitable.

When we think of the hospitality industry, we usually think only of hotels and restaurants. However, the term has a much broader meaning. The word hospitality is derived from hospice, an old French word meaning “to provide care or shelter for travelers”. A hospice was also a medieval “house of rest” for travelers and pilgrims and an early form of what is now called a nursing home.

Hospitality is, then, an umbrella term covering a variety of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, resorts and casinos. It also refers to other kinds of institutions that offer shelter or food or both to people away from their homes. The hospitality product includes both tangible goods (rooms, meals) and intangible services. Both are needed to success. However, making a guest, client or resident welcome and comfortable is the main goal of the hospitality industry.

Structure of the industry :
  • a. Lodging
  • b. Foodservice
  • c. Travel – Air, Cruise, Rail, Automobile
  • d. Recreation – Attractions, Gaming, Parks, Recreation

Event Management

In Events Management, we believe that there is no better business referral than that given by a satisfied customer. That's why we are committed to finding out what exactly our customer's needs are and delivering solutions that meet, and often exceed, expectations.

Our mission is to become a high quality, value leader in the event management service industry, as well as to promote quality education. Hence promoting the event industry as a exciting career option for young graduates scouting for new fields.

We can tailor a package to fit your requirements for any event no matter how big or small. We can organize any event from a garden party to a wedding anniversary, from a product launch to a corporate event. We can even supply event solutions in order to add to your existing event capability by providing catering services, entertainment solutions, amusements and our team can even provide technical support with extensive industry experience in sound and lighting solutions in both theatre and live events.

When you're looking at the details of special event planning, it can all become overwhelming. Especially if you're planning a corporate event, you want your employees to focus on the work before them. Stop spending pointless hours trying to turn your marketing or human resources teams into a makeshift event management company.

We understand your budget limitations and your high expectations. We strive to deliver the best pricing and contract terms around, and we cover each detail, from advertising and public relations to sound and video. No matter what special event you envision, the event management company team at our organization can certainly deliver!

  • • Effectively assemble and manage numerous in-house and out-of-house resources.
  • • Consistently meet client objectives and expectations with the optimal solution.
  • • Reliably manage a number of complex large-scale projects contemporaneously.

Types of Events:

Creativity - a unique angle or presentation - is often the difference between something memorable and something ordinary. We've found enhanced creativity by not sticking to a small niche, but rather planning all sorts of events, a strategy that lets us thoroughly explore limitless resources. We can handle any type of event and specialize in making them memorable affairs.

  • • Birthday parties
  • • Company picnics
  • • Conferences
  • • Grand openings
  • • Holiday celebrations
  • • Meetings
  • • Private picnics
  • • Seminars
  • • Special Motivational Events/Programs

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